Gravel Pit Storage

AGRA has recently purchased 3 former gravel pit mines in the Pueblo area. One site is west of Pueblo, and two are located near Pueblo's industrial park.

AGRA staff are working to convert these sites to storage reservoirs. This will allow AGRA the ability to better manage its water and to reduce its dependence on Pueblo Reservoir.

Planned improvements include inlet and outlet structures at each location to fill or drain the reservoirs, site improvements and earthwork, and other tasks. Finished storage is expected to be about 3,000 Acre-Feet, and all work will hopefully be completed by 2030.

Excelsior Ditch Rehab

AGRA is currently working on clearing and rehabilitation of the Excelsior Ditch east of Pueblo. As part of the merger between CWDPA and AGUA, operation of the Excelsior came under management of AGRA. The Excelsior includes water rights changed for augmentation and with its changed shares, includes recharge structures that will be used by AGRA in the coming years to offset well depletions.

AGRA is currently working to improve conveyance by re-grading sections of the ditch and clearing obstructive vegetation. Future work will include repairs at the river diversion, installation of telemetry at the ditch's flume at 36th Lane, and a hydraulic evaluation of the entire ditch system.